Friday, April 27, 2012

sometimes it's the little things

Your Top 5. For today’s post we’re making a list of our top 5’s – whether they be for your health condition or your Health Activism.  Take some time to think about your experiences and develop your top 5’s – the 5 most difficult parts of your health focus and the 5 small victories that keep you going.

While sitting here at my dining room table, and thinking over today's topic, my mind is flitting all over.   I can't seem to focus.  I am feeling a little stressed. 
I have to work all weekend AGAIN.  I have so much to do indoors.  Talk about spring cleaning!  Oh my!  It is one day before we have to file our taxes.  Am I ready?  Almost.  I bought ink for the damn printer last night.  Printed out a bunch of stuff that my daughter needed and then went to print out the one form I needed and guess what?  The printer goes on holiday!!  That's right.  There is a message on the screen that says, "Problem with ink cartridges".  And the stupid light is blinking and the whole thing won't shut off.  I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it continues to blink.  I walk away.

So, back to today's topic.....

Top 5 most difficult aspects of my disease

5.   Finding time to download my pump and look for patterns
4.   Staying away from the junk food
3.   Eating less carbs, or maybe I should say less bad for me carbs
2.   Eating more good for me carbs
1.   Getting regular exercise

Top 5 small victories that keep me going

5.   Lowering my A1c
4.   Losing a few pounds
3.   Regaining the feeling of going low
3.   Having more energy to play with the grandkids
2.   Knowing that I am doing everything I can to stay healthy
1.   Being part of the DOC and knowing I am not alone, and I CAN DO THIS!

now if only I could get my windows cleaned and catch up on the dusting and vacuuming!

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  1. Great list. Leave the darn windows and spend more time with those grandkids!!