Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dream Day

so for today's post,  i am closing my eyes and envisioning my dream day.  some of you may be thinking that i am probably thinking of a day without Diabetes.  well that isn't so.  since the big D has been with me forever, i really don't know what i would do without it.  nope, my day still includes good ol' D.  and by good, i mean D is behaving and allowing my to have the Day of My Dreams.

to start, let me say that it is very rare that i get a day ALL.TO.MYSELF.  very rare indeed.  i believe my Dream Day would not include others.  no husband, no grandkids, no kids, nobody.  listen, i love them dearly, really i do, but this is MY day.  i see them every day, even weekends sometimes.  well my husband i see every day obviously, but the others are always underfoot.  sounds like i am complaining right?  well i'm not really.  it's just that i work ALOT, and need a "personal day".  a day to just do whatever i want.  a mental health day, of sorts.

on this day, i get to sleep in.  i crawl out of bed at some hours later than normal.  i wrap my cozy housecoat around me and go downstairs.  i leave the bed unmade.  coffee is a must.  i love my Tassimo <3   i will test and bolus for breakfast.  nothing fancy, just coffee and a skinny bagel (made by PC and lower in carbs than other bagels) with herb and garlic cream cheese. 

after breakfast, i will lounge around, perhaps do some catch-up blog reading.  i can't help it, it's a habit  =)

you may know that i have been taking classes in watercolour painting.  i find it very relaxing, so i will probably spend a few of my alone time hours doing some painting.  i have been watching videos on YouTube to get some tips and lessons on different styles of watercolour painting.  it has become quite addictive!

there is a lovely little Italian deli-type shop a few blocks away.  i think i'll get myself ready, and go for a walk.  they make the most delicious sandwiches!  you name it, they make it.  they are huge, and the price is very reasonable. 

after my walk, i will make a cup of tea, and perhaps take a little nap.  naps are good.  some nice music playing in the background.  sounds sweet!

upon waking from my wonderful nap, i am feeling rejuvenated!  i love to cook.  i also find cooking relaxing.  so i wander to my kitchen to make something tasty for dinner.  since i am only cooking for me i will prepare some of my favourite dishes.  french onion soup, poached tilapia with dill and lemon, steamed asparagus, and salad with mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette.

for my evening, i will park my butt on the couch, and watch all the movies that i have been wanting to see.  there are quite a few so i may be up real late!  thank goodness for VOD (videos on demand)!

i will drift off to sleep, tv and lights still on, smiling and feeling totally relaxed,  rested and ready to go back to "real life" in the morning. 

p.s.  you may have noticed that i barely mentioned diabetes,  but just so you know, i did all the testing and bolusing required, and D behaved quite admirably during my Dream Day!  and so now "real life" is about to come back and i'm off to work.  but tonight i am going to help a very dear friend celebrate her 50th Birthday!  

have a great day everyone!


  1. I never realized how much you can learn from someone just by finding out what their "ideal dream day" is.
    You rock. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your day sounds marvelous! I wish you'd invite me over for that yummy dinner sometime. ;)