Thursday, April 05, 2012

does this look like the DOC??

today's post is an Ekphrasis Post


One particular kind of visual description is also the oldest type of writing about art in the West. Called ekphrasis, it was created by the Greeks. The goal of this literary form is to make the reader envision the thing described as if it were physically present. In many cases, however, the subject never actually existed, making the ekphrastic description a demonstration of both the creative imagination and the skill of the writer. For most readers of famous Greek and Latin texts, it did not matter whether the subject was actual or imagined. The texts were studied to form habits of thinking and writing, not as art historical evidence"

so to do this we are to go to The webpage automatically generates a random photo and we are supposed to look at the image… the color, composition, style, details, location. What feelings does this evoke in me? am i reminded of anything significant in my life? Can i imagine myself in the photo? Can i relate the image back to my health topic?

Below is the picture that popped onto the screen when I logged onto 

bolts of cloth…depicts the DOC.  each one different and yet the same. like us.  type 1's, type 2's. old, young, we're all the same.  the hand.  reaching out. could be any one of us.  we are searching for something. friendship, understanding, a sense of belonging? the body is the heart of the the DOC. the heart is Diabetes.  it has no face, because diabetes has no face.  it could be anyone.  the person sitting on the bus next to us.  the small child being pushed on the swing at the park.  the mailman, or the girl ringing through your groceries.

together we are strong.  we lean on each other.  we hold each other up.  WE CAN DO THIS!!


  1. I love this!! The DOC does make up a pretty spectacular quilt, don't we?