Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VerioIQ recall notification for Canada and US

 I just saw a headline on the rolling news station that my husband watches.  It said something about a recall on a blood meter.  I went online looking for more information.  CTV news has issued a report on the recall. 

It seems that the OneTouch Verio IQ meter has been recalled in Canada and the USA.

The company has announced that the meter will shut itself off if the blood glucose level reaches 56.8mmol/l
It will not give the usual warning of extremely high glucose levels.  Once restarted, you must reset the time and date.  If you retest, and the reading is still above 56.8mmol/l it will again shut down.

Go to either of the following links to find more information on this circumstance and how to go about
returning your meter for replacement. 

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/onetouch-verio-iq-blood-glucose-meters-recalled-in-canada-1.1210787#ixzz2OhclLMuA

Lifescan has issued its own warning, and instructions for returning your meter for a full replacement.

Hopefully if your blood glucose gets to that extremely high level, you would have other symptoms, and another meter with which to double check your levels.

Monday, March 11, 2013

March Break

Well it's March Break.  And it's raining.  :(  

That does not make me happy.  Hopefully the sun will come out later today.

Having a 3year old and a 6year old to entertain for 5 days will be interesting.

The 3year old is usually pretty good at amusing herself, but her brother is not!  

I have to find some craft ideas and board games to keep them entertained. Hello Google!

Of course there is always the outdoors.  

Perhaps, if the sun does make an appearance this week, we can visit the zoo, or dig out the bikes!

And in other news, something I am looking forward to!!

Greetings from WEGO Health,
It's that time of year again - time to take the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge to blog about health for 30 days!
We're hard at work pulling together this year's post prompts and wanted to give last year's participants (that's you!) a chance to sign up early.  You can sign up here: http://info.wegohealth.com/hawmc
You can also get involved by sharing your prompt ideas and have them included in this year's list. Just reply to this email and let us know what you'd like to see included!
A few things to know about HAWMC 2013:
  • You're encouraged to write every day but it's not a requirement for signing up
  • You'll receive all 30+ post prompts in mid-march, giving you some time to plan
  • We'll be featuring your posts on our social networks every day throughout April
Thank you for joining us this year!
The WEGO Health Team

 If you have never participated, you should head over to WEGO Health and sign up.  It's lots of fun, makes you think, and it opens your eyes to so many different health conditions! 

Hope everyone is  well.  I'm off to catch up on some Blog reading (i've fallen dreadfully behind!) before the troops arrive!