Monday, April 16, 2012

i'm board

i know, you're probably thinking i don't know how to spell.  well for the most part, i do.  i'm sure there may be spelling errors here and there throughout my blog but i am a little anal when it comes to spelling.  sometimes i find spelling errors in books i'm reading, in the newspapers, in magazines and i want to call the editors and let them know they need new proof readers.   but i digress.  =)

when i say "i'm board" what i'm actually saying is that i have a account at Pinterest and i actually figured out all by myself how to create a board and "pin" things to it!  usually, when i am stumped by computer things, i call on my daugther to help me out.  however, when it came to Pinterest, she was clueless!  since Pinterest is new to me, there isn't much on mine, but i feel a new addiction coming on!

since todays HAWMC post is to "create a pinterest board for your health focus. pin 3 things. What did you pin?  Share the images ina  post and explain why you chose them."  that is what i did. 

to see my Pinterest board click here

the first picture is my tattoo.  as i've mentioned before, i never wear a medic alert.  i have one, but it goes on a chain, and the chain is broken, and i can't be bothered to go buy a new one.  i figure chains break, but my arm will always be attached. (barring any unforseen dismembering accident!)

the second picture is my pancreas Animas Ping insulin pump.  i love it!   it's green, my favourite colour.  i don't know how i ever lived without it! 

the third picture is of course, my insulin.  my life blood.  without which i would die.  my friend and my enemy. 

i like this Pinterest thing.  i think it's kind of cool.  if you have an account, send me a link. i'd love to take a peek!


  1. Good job! I am so not Pinterested so I wrote off topic today. I'm impressed that you got it done. I plan to stay away since I don't need another addiction. :)

  2. Don't know what Pinterest is but I'll check it out tomorrow - my day off.

    Cheers. Fraudster. (Forgive my banal comments, but i agree, it's great to know that people are actually reading your blog and not just clicking on the page, so I like to leave a comment!!)

  3. Very cool board you have there. I still haven't caved to creating a Pinterest account - I'm afraid of getting addicted to yet another online time suck!! ;)

  4. Your tattoo is super-cool! I've contemplated getting a Type 1 Diabetic tattoo but am still um'ing and ah'ing. Ironically, I'm worried about the pain a tattoo might involve (not thinking about how I've stuck needles in myself several times a day, everyday for 15 years) :P