Sunday, April 01, 2012

#HAWMC Day 1 Health Time Capsule

Health Time Capsule

I have a box.  It is made of aluminum.  It is not that big.  It holds some things I hold dear to me.  Things that hopefully, will some day soon, become unnecessary.  And yet, I hope they will help explain things as they are today in 2012.

What's going in the box you ask?  Well, I call them my "lifesaving" devices.

To start, there is a copy of a book I've had for many years.  My husband found it at a yard sale, and brought it home to me.  It's an important part of history.  Not the book, so much as the story in the book.
Also in the box will be a glucometer, some test strips, a vial of insulin, a picture of my pump, a reservoir, an inset.  I will also put in an insulin pen and cartridge, a pen tip, some ketostix, perhaps a syringe or two.  I may add some of the empty pill containers from the meds i take to combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and my thyroid pills.  All of these because of Diabetes. 

A letter telling them about my diagnosis, and my years of living with this disease.  The complications I've endured and how I've handled them.  The letter would also explain all the items in the box.  A logbook covering weeks of Blood Glucose results.  This so the people of the future could have a first hand look at how un-predictable Diabetes is. 

It would also explain the things I've done BECAUSE of Diabetes.  A copy of my blog would be there for all to read.    And the things I've done DESPITE it.  Pictures of my family.  My children and grandchildren.  The life i lead and love!

I would bury the box under my front porch.  I imagine that some day in the future, this old house will be torn down and something new will go in its place.  When the box is discovered, the message "DO NOT OPEN TILL 2112" will be clearly visible.  It will be brought to City Hall and placed there until 2112 rolls around.

When the box is opened,  they will be amazed.  Because in their hands they will hold evidence of a life lived with Diabetes.  A disease that has been cured for almost 100 years. 

A life that no one living in the year 2112 has ever had to live.

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