Thursday, July 28, 2011

orbit micro 90

i have just recently found out that it is possible to use different infusion sets with my Animas Ping pump.  i had no idea!!  as i have mentioned previously, i began pumping in May and had tried a few of the infusion sets offered from Animas.  i decided that my favourite was the ContactD.  it has a 90'steel cannula and is inserted manually.  i don't mind this.  it does not bother me and i find i have no trouble with the cannula kinking which i did with the teflon cannula's that i tried.

i was online yesterday and somehow came across an advertisement for the Orbit Micro 90' steel infusion set.  with some further delving, i found that they are offered through a  company here in Canada.  apparently you can use the Orbit sets with any pump! so i gave them a call.  i spoke with a very nice lady, who informed me that everyone that works there is either diabetic themselves or has a family member with diabetes and therefore they know what there customers are talking about and understand the costs involved with diabetes.  her son is diabetic and he uses this particular infusion set and loves it.

she offered to send me some samples of the Orbit Micro 90' to try.  now these do not come direct to my home.  they will be sent to my personal pharmacy, where i may pick them up at my convenience.  i do not need to be home to accept delivery, or have someone home to sign for them.  i do not need to buy in large quantities, just monthly is fine, and there is NO DELIVERY CHARGE!  their prices seem quite comparable with what i am paying now. 

so i am going to give them a try.  i will post an update once i do, and let you know what i think of them.  if you use them, or have used them in the past,  give me a shout and tell me what you think of them.  i would be interested in your opinions. thanks!   8-) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

has this ever happened to you??

sunday morning i got up and prepared to change my infusion set.  i got all the essentials and proceeded to
do the switch.  all went well.  the old site looked good, and the new one went in fine.  nothing weird, no crazy "pop"ping sounds, no resistance.  nothing.

 i use an Animas Ping and the ContactD sets.  these, for those not familiar, you insert these yourself.  i have found in the past, that sometimes i feel "hear" a strange popping sound.  once, when i felt "heard" that, my numbers, over the course of the day continued to climb, despite some rage bolusing.  this time, i had nothing like that.

by monday morning the site was getting a little itchy.  i checked and didn't notice anything strange.  by about 10am the itch was increasing but still all seemed fine.  my grandson had an appt at 10:30 that i was taking him to, so out we went.

around 11:30, i reached over to scratch the "itch" and noticed a bump.  hmmmm.  well since i was sitting in a room full of other parents, and caregivers, i couldn't just lift up my shirt to look at my stomach.  so i waited til i got to the car.  and there appeared to be a water blister peeking out from under the site.

home we go.  and once again i get out the stuff.  a new inset.  i disconnect and top up my cartridge.  attach new set, rewind, load, prime and insert.   then the fun begins  8-\

i begin to remove the old set.  the water blister breaks and fluid leaks out.  the skin is stuck to the tape.  uh oh.  this is no fun.  and it stings!  finally, after several minutes of gentle tugging and peeling, it is off. 

this is what i am left with after only one day.  not just 1 blister, but 3.

 not sure why.  could i be allergic??  this hasn't happened before, and i didn't do anything differently. has this ever happened to you??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

poppin' like popcorn in a microwave!

it's sooooo hot...........

my blood sugar's are popping all over like microwave popcorn!  i mean one minute i'm good,  and the next minute, it seems, i'm sky high!!  then i hit bottom, and whoops, off i go again, up, up and away!!

case in point ~~

yesterday i tested before going swimming.  BG 6.7  now please understand that when i say "swimming" it is not like i was doing laps or anything!  i am in the pool with 2 children ages 5 and 17mths.  laps are a thing of the past! 

it is incredibly hot out (although i am sure it is hotter in my house!).  we have been splashing around in the shallow end for about 20 minutes or so.  the baby is getting cranky, so i decide to get out and dry off.  she needs her nap so that is usually snack time for her brother.  we all get out and get dry.  inside we go. 

after depositing Aubs in bed, and setting her up with a fan blowing directly on her, i head downstairs to make snack.  sliced apples and peanut butter for dipping is the order of the day from my grandson Cam.  i am thinking i will stick to apple slices and perhaps some cheddar.

BG  12.2!!  WTH!!  usually the heat drops me like a lead balloon!!  couldn't have been the "exercise".  ok, well, i'll just deal with it.  so i decide to bolus for the apple and that includes my correction for the 12.2.   back outside we go, with our snacks and our drinks.  ice tea for Cam and crystal lite for me.

1 hour, yes just 1 hour later, and i'm feeling like falling asleep.  not a good sign.  i check the BG and whammo!!!  3.2!!!!  WTF!!!  so now i have to break out the skittles!! 

after eating about 1/4cup  of said skittles i check again.  ok ~~ back to 7.8!  thank goodness!!  but wait, it doesn't stop there, it keeps going ~ 9.3, 11.2, 4.7, 2.9 and back to 8.4.

like i said,  popping like microwave popcorn!! (needless to say, i went through a lot of test strips yesterday!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

oh and p.s.

the picture posted below....the one of the arm with the horrendous's not my arm.

although i did indeed, have a rash, mine was not as icky as the one posted.  LOL!

my rash has since cleared up, and the use of sunscreen is now a mandatory part of my morning!

July 10, 2011 ~~ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

i did not post on Sunday, July 10, 2011.

i celebrated life instead!

July 10, 2011 was the six month "anniversary" of my triple bypass surgery.

the last six months have been different.  kind of hard, kind of scary.
if they were a test of some sort, i think i passed!

i no longer have pains in my chest for no apparent reason.  i seem to have a little more energy.
my diabetes is much better controlled.  i am getting trying to get more excercise.  i am definately eating better!!

so i have lots to be happy about.  i have lots to be proud of.  i have lots to be thankful for.

my doctors ~ for doing what needed to be done,  doing it ASAP, and being the best there is - I THANK YOU

my family ~ for always being there for me and believing in me - I LOVE YOU <3 AND I THANK YOU

my friends ~ for standing beside me - I THANK YOU, EACH, AND EVERY ONE OF YOU

and me ~ for listenening to myself,  for asking for, and getting the help i needed, and for following through!!!  I AM PROUD AND DETERMINED TO CELEBRATE MANY, MANY MORE ANNIVERSARIES 

Monday, July 11, 2011

mmmmm...Dairy Queen 8D

today it was a very hot day.  there was a bit of a breeze blowing, but i was really glad i have a pool.
with 2 sticky (but still sweet!) grandkids running around, the pool was a definate relief!

some days the heat drives my BG's into the ground.  other days, it soars.  today it was pretty level all day.  needless to say,  that made me very happy.

after the kiddies went home, and dinner was over and all cleaned up, we decided we needed to go out to pick up a few items.  (i wish i had air conditioning like the stores!! LOL!!)

up ahead, i could see the DQ sign.  i looked at my husband, he looked at me.  we both said
"what the hell!! lets do it!!

and so i enjoyed my first DQ in about 3 years!  i had a Buster Bar.  it was sooo good!  and only 45gr of  carbs!!!  well worth the extra bolus!


Thursday, July 07, 2011

allergic to the sun??

is it even possible?  how sad would that be  8-(  

we, as a family, went to my parents house on sunday to celebrate my mothers birthday.  we had a lovely day.  the weather was perfect.  the sun was shining, it was beautifully warm.  a slight (and i do mean slight!) breeze was trying to cool us off.

we enjoyed playing bacci ball, and a wicked game called crazy golf.  the grandkids ran around the yard, and generally interrupted the adult game playing, but it was fun. 

dinner was delicious.  steak bbq'd  just so, smothered in mushrooms,  baked potatoes with butter and sour cream.  steamed brocolli, and a strawberry shortcake with lots of whipped cream for dessert.  mmmmm.
lots of swagging going on for the cake!!

then, as the day came to a close, the itch started.   my arms were sooooo itchy.  i thought of poison ivy, and other poisony things, but nothing.  and this isn't the first time this itch has happened.  it seems to be almost every time i sit out in the sun.  and bumpy.  very bumpy. 

not impressed  8-(   i like sitting outdoors.  i like my inground pool.  i like entertaining during the summer months. 

i hate rashes caused by the sun.  it is now almost friday and the itch has not subsided.  of course, i guess in order for that to happen, one must not keep exposing oneself to said sun, should they??

Saturday, July 02, 2011

to bolus and wait 20 minutes to eat or to bolus and eat right away???

i use Humalog Insulin in my pump.  i used Humalog Insulin in my pen for 10 years when doing MDI's.  i have always tried to bolus right before i ate.  there were time when i waited until after mostly because i wasn't sure about the carb count.  you know, those days when you just have to have the fries with the burger, and you know you shouldn't eat all of them, but you can't help it.  they are just tooo good!!  (and i know myself well enough that i should just admit that i'm going to do it and bolus for it right off the bat!!)

so i have been doing a little reading, and have found that there are some out there who actually bolus for their meal, and then wait 20 - 30 minutes to eat.   i had to investigate further.

after reading some forums, and some discussion boards, and even an article by John Walsh on using Humalog in a pump,  i am no further ahead in my decision on whether to try this or not.

i get that if you bolus ahead, it will be in your system and active by the time you start eating.  this will apparently help with after-meal spikes.  my fear would be going low before i even begin my meal.  i  suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness so this is a little worrisome.

i  would love to hear from you guys.  do you bolus before??  do you bolus after??  do you use a combo bolus?  what says you?? 

Friday, July 01, 2011


hi everyone!  it's Canada Day here in Canada.  that makes it a long weekend for some of us here.

the last few days my BG's have been a little wonky.  highs and lows and lowers.  stress maybe??

i am hoping to do a little unwinding this weekend.  going to the parade perhaps, having a bbq with friends and sharing with family on sunday.  besides all the good food i will be counting  consuming, it should be a relatively stress free weekend.

hoping for better results!!