Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (and it's not Sidney Portier or Katherine Hepburn!)

Today's HAWMC Day #19: 5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

Oh boy.  When I read today's prompt, i immediately started thinking Dinner Party!!!  I LOVE DINNER PARTIES!

Once a month, for the last 5 years or so, a group of friends have gotten together at each other's homes for a dinner party.  The theme for the evening was based on a different culture.  The hostess supplies the main course, and the guests bring the h'ordeuvres, side dishes, dessert, and wine.  All dishes were homemade (nothing frozen or boxed with the exception of the wine perhaps!).  We have had meals from many different cultures.  Indian, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Moroccan, Lebanese, Portuguese, and Thai to name a few. 

The guests remained the same, with few exceptions. 

This dinner party would have to be different.  The food would not be the highlight, so much as the guests.  Who to invite??  5 people.  Either living or dead.  Living and dead.  Hmmmm,  this is harder than I thought. 

First on the list would be my Gramma.  She passed away in 1986.  I miss her alot.  She was a big part of my life.  I think it would be awesome to sit with her and just catch up.  She worried about my Diabetes and I would like to show her how far I've come!

Second would be my father.  He passed away when I was 2.  I don't remember him really.   I hear stories sometimes from my mom, but I would like to meet him.  To see what it was that attracted her to him.  To find out what we share in common besides brown eyes and brown hair.

Third person would be Dr. Frederick Banting.  I would love to meet the man that invented the elixir that saves so many lives every day!  To be able to show him how far things have come since that first young boy,  Leonard Thompson, was given insulin that saved his life! It would an honour to meet such an incredibly gifted and generous man. (oh and there would be cupcakes for dessert for sure!)

The fourth person would be Dr. Rene Favaloro. Dr. Favaloro, the son of a carpenter and a seamstress in a working-class town, had gone to the United States from Argentina in 1960 to undertake postgraduate work in thoracic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. There, in 1967, he performed the first heart bypass operation, on a 51-year-old woman. It is said that he gave up a $2million salary at the Cleveland Clinic, to return to Argentina, where he worked to improve the training of heart specialists. He opened his own clinic where he treated the poor for free.

Last but not least,   I would invite Sir Paul McCartney.  My husband is a huge fan, and I think it would be awesome to see these two interact.  I'm sure hubby would just about die if I told him his music hero was coming to our house for dinner!! 

Well there it is, my list of dinner guests.  Now if you'll excuse me,  I have a menu to prepare!!!


  1. Take pictures at your dinner to share!
    Sounds like it would be a fun dinner with fascinating guests.

  2. Well done knowing who you'd invite. I've had a quick think and already have too many people. Can't narrow it down. Interesting though.