Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I write because.....

I write about my health because I feel the need to share.  After growing up with diabetes, being the only one in my family with it, and not knowing another diabetic, I like to think that I may be helping someone else in the same situation. 

I find writing cathartic.  When I am feeling down,  my numbers aren't doing what i want them to do, I can vent.  I know that sometimes, letting things out, letting them go, makes me feel lighter.  Less weight to carry.

I write when good things happen.  I write when bad things happen.  I write knowing that no one judges me.  

I can be serious.  I can be funny (or at least I think i am!).  I can inform.  I can ask questions. 

Sometimes I have questions, or I'm worried about some test results. When I write about how I am feeling at that moment and someones comments, it always surprises me.  I guess because I forget that I am writing for the public.  And then I remember and hope that maybe, if someone else is going through the same thing, and the comment  helps me, then it will help them too.

I wonder who reads my blog.  Is it other diabetics?  Mostly.  But perhaps it's someone looking for information about Type 1.  If so, then I feel that I can teach/reach them.  If they have questions, I hope they feel that they would be able to send me a message, and I could help.  Just the other day, I received and email from a woman who stumbled across my blog while googling for information about my Doctor who passed away.  I wrote about his passing, and she contacted me.  Turns out she was also diagnosed with T1 by the same Dr. and she and her family are/were still his patients.  She didn't know how he had died, and found the information she was looking for in my blog.

If the Internet was around when I was first diagnosed, it would have made my acceptance of my disease so much easier.  I would have realized early on that there are others out there going through the same things I did.  Feeling the same way I did.  

It took me many years to come to terms with Diabetes.  I lived with it, yes.  I did my needles, tested my blood, but I never really took ownership.  Once I did, I stumbled onto the DOC.  It opened my eyes and I decided that I could write, and hopefully help people that same way the blogs I first read helped me.

So to those bloggers, I thank you.  And if I can help just one person out there in some small way, then I am doing something good.  

And if this is the first time you've read my blog, and I can help you better understand Diabetes, or help you in some way, please, please, let me know.  I would be more than happy to talk to you.

Cheers  =)


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