Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Favourite Quote

Who said it best? Today, focus on something you’ve heard, read, or even said as the basis for your post.  Choose a quote that inspires you – positively or negatively – and gets you thinking.  It can be a quote that you’ve saved for years or something you’ve just heard, from a book or a movie, a fellow Health Activist, a blog or a tweet, a billboard, or something from your own journal.

So this is day 2 of  my 30 days of posting.   Below is one of my favourite quotes.  you will find in on my blog.  i think it says alot.

 ~~ "As one goes through life one learns, that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move" - Katherine Hepburn 

As i read this quote, so many things go through my mind.  It can mean one thing, one day, and something else on another.

As a diabetic, to me it simply means to be an advocate, for myself and for others.

I once had a Dr. that told me i should never have children.   But I knew that I simply had to have children.  I wanted them, and I needed to believe that Diabetes would not stop me.  And so I found another Dr.  who told me to do what I believed in.  And I did. 

If I had not paddled my own canoe, I would not have my 3 wonderful children, nor would I have my 2 beautiful grandchildren.  I would not have learned the amazing things that my children have taught me.  I would not have the chance to play and learn all over again with my grandbabies.  To see the world through their eyes.

If I had not paddled my own canoe, I would not have packed up my children, along with my husband and moved away from all I knew, and had grown up with.  Away from family and life long friends.  But I knew that is what we needed to do.  And so we did.

If I had not paddled my own canoe, I would likely still be on MDI's and trying to get my numbers to a better place, and failing miserably.    I pushed for my pump.   Although my doctor was not a hard sell, it was not something that anyone had forced on me.  I suddenly decided that I needed to do this for me, so I would live a healthier life, and hopefully a long one.

It's like all of us Diabetics paddling for a cure.  Paddling for better health care.  For better equipment, for better health.  If we don't paddle,  we get nowhere.  We get nothing.

So I will continue to paddle my boat.  And i hope you will join me. 

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  1. Good post. Today I was inspired by Nike's 'just do it' as I dithered about, wondering whether to go for a ride or visit a friend. Finally, I just did it. Twenty-two kilometres cycling in perfect autumn weather - about 27 degrees C - met my old man for lunch. Now basking in afterglow of a bit of exercise - for me, the x factor in good diabetes management.

    Paddling your own canoe has certainly worked in your favour. Can't imagine life without my kids.

    Cheers from Australia.