Saturday, April 21, 2012

In a Perfect World.......

Once again, i have decided to change things up a wee bit.  i am not following the HAWMC's day 20 prompt.  i have chosen another Early Bird Bonus Prompt. 

"In a perfect world.... write about one thing you wish you could change.  it can be your own life or the world at large."


On April 1, 2006,  at 6:32pm, my grandson was born.  His birth was extra special for me because my daughter had invited me to be present at his birth.  If you knew her husband, you would understand why.  He cannot stand the sight of blood.  In fact, he has been know to pass out when he sees it. 

We were very happy that after a very long labour, this wonderful little boy had finally arrived!  Both sets of Grandparents were allowed into the room to meet the little man.  He was being welcomed into the world while the nurses fussed about.  Nobody seemed to notice that the baby wasn't really crying or that he was a little blue.  We were just happy that he was here. 

Suddenly a very large, brusque man entered the room.  He abruptly took the baby from his other  Grandmothers arms and laid him on the warming bed.  He examined him from head to toe, listened to his chest, and then quickly brought him over to my daughter and her husband and said "You better kiss him, he has a long road ahead".  He handed the baby over to her, and left with one of the nurses.  The other nurse quickly asked us all to leave the room.  My daughter asked if I could stay with her and the nurse said yes.  At this point we didn't have a clue what was going on. 

Then all hell broke loose.  The nurses were rushing in, the Doctor right behind them.  They took the baby away and started hooking him up to all sorts of equipment.  He was put in an incubator, and the Doctor explained that he was born with a congenital heart defect. It was called Tetrology of Fallot with Missing Pulmonary Valve. He would be on a helicopter within the hour and flown to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. 

at birth
Well the panic sets in.  The shock.  We have never heard of this condition. What  can be done?  Will he be okay?  OMG!!  My poor daughter was just a basket case.  Her and her husband were clinging to each other.  What to do? 

It was decided that my husband, and my son-in-law would drive to Toronto, and meet the helicopter there.  My daughter was being moved to a room, and would have to wait to be discharged later that day. 

And so it began. 

Later that day, after my daughter was discharged, we drove to Toronto.  It was a hellish drive. 
When we arrived we were taken upstairs, where that little boy was hooked up to everything imaginable!  He looked to fragile under the bright lights in the NICU.  No one was allowed in to see him without first gowning up and masks.  He was very agitated, so touching was to a minimum.  Oh what a sight.  Arrangements were made for them to stay in Toronto, as long as was needed. 

at Sick Kids (they rock there!)

After 2 weeks, it was decided that he could come home.  He would have to have surgery to correct the numerous defects in his tiny heart, but that would happen down the road.  Probably when he was about 9 months to a year.   He would be slow to do some things. If he had any episodes of turning blue they would have to rush him to Emergency right away.  He would be followed closely by the Pediatrician that saw him the night he was born. He would need medications for his heart and liver, but he was coming home!   We were ecstatic!!!
his 1st day home!

When he was 11 months old, my grandson underwent open heart surgery to correct the defects in his heart.   It was scary, and none of us knew what to expect.  The hours dragged.  Finally the Surgeon came to tell us it was over.  He was going to be fine.  He was a little trooper!!
poor little guy =(

He will have to have more surgery as he grows, because the valve they created from another part of his heart, does not grow.  Right now they are looking at about age 9.  He does everything every other kid does.  He runs,  he plays lacrosse, and baseball.  He skates and swims.  He is my little hero!!
skating in the backyard this winter

In a perfect world, no one would have to go through this.  No child would be born with problems of any kind.  Parents would never have to see their child suffer.  Cameron is lucky.  His problems can be fixed.  There are many children out there in the world who will never know that. 

We count our blessings every day.  And we pray. 

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  1. Wow, what a scary ordeal!! I'm so glad that everything turned out so well. Your daughter is lucky to have such a devoted mom. :)