Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He crossed his legs the way men do,

HAWMC Day #18: Open a Book. Choose a book and open it to a random page and point to a phrase. Use that phrase to get you writing today. Free write for 15-20 without stopping.

i have had a book sitting on my kitchen table for a little bit now.  i have not started reading it yet.  it seems that although i love to read, i just dont seem able to get into it lately.  i used to read daily.  i could wolf down a book like a peanut butter sandwich.  gone in one sitting. 

since my bypass surgery last year, my brain doesn't seem to be able to keep focused on what i'm reading.  i have been at the same book now for months.  i got it for Christmas and i just can't get into it.  reading blogs is different, they are quick and each story is different. 

so this morning i opened the book on my table called The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve,  and flipped through it. i turned to page 159 and scrolled to the bottom of the page.   my fingers landed on this sentence...

"He crossed his legs the way men do, an ankle resting on a knee." 

i immediately pictured Dr. H.  he is the doctor that i saw a couple weeks ago regarding my kidneys.  very nice man.  as he was talking to me, that is exactly how he was sitting.  sort of relaxed and appearing to be very at ease with himself.  not at all like he was the "doctor" and i was the "patient", but more like we were just old friends, having a chat. 

i think he got the feeling from me that i was a little nervous.  i mean seriously, what else could be wrong with me.  diabetes, neuropath, retinopathy, blocked arteries, high blood pressure, high cholersterol, triple bypass surgery.  now my kidneys are bailing???  WTF?!

after explaining in RPL (real people language) the results of the labwork that i had done 3 weeks before, i was feeling alot better. 

he explained that the protien in my urine, was not "a big deal".  the number was twice that of a non PWD, but still within manageable range.  there was some slight damage to my kidneys, but not to worry,  that's why he was on the case!  he was sending me for an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder so that he would have something to compare them to later down the line.  he said that in fact, my kidney function had improved since this time last year, prior to going on an insulin pump. 

the whole time he was talking to me, i never felt that he was talking down, or belittling me for my awful diabetes management in the past.  we talked about getting more exercise, and he was glad to hear that i have basically abolished salt from my diet.

as i was leaving he told me that he realized that diabetes was hard work, and he said i was doing a great job.  that i should keep doing what i'd been doing and he would see me in july.

all things considered, it was one of the best Dr's appt. i've ever had!


  1. Oh, I'm hugging this doctor! The surgeon I see for my thyroid is like that. He's laid back and is interested in what I have to say. He dispenses information so easily in a way I can understand! I'm glad you have at least one doc like that.

    I read the Pilot's Wife a long time ago. My only memory is that it's...."differnt". :) I also love to read and don't do it enough.

  2. Another good post, KD. I'm still managing to read heaps - especially now I have a Kindle - and keep up with all the blogs I read. But lately, I'm almost consumed with reading other people's blogs. I've found a couple of good ones lately, and these women post every day it seems. I can hardly keep up. But I LOVE reading them.

    Glad you have a good doc!