Thursday, April 26, 2012

poke, poke, poke and so it goes

HAWMC Day #26: Health tagline. Give yourself, your blog, your condition, or some aspect of your health a tagline. Make sure it’s catchy!

I've been at this since 7:00am!  It's a tough one.  After hours of reading tips on coming up with a tagline, and reading others taglines,  in between getting breakfast and one 6 year old ready for school,  I think I finally have one. 

At first I was trying to come up with a tagline for my blog.  Well that just wasn't working.  Then I decided to work on one for Diabetes.  That one seemed to be a little easier, but so many things about diabetes were running through my head. Then I started thinking about how long I have had diabetes.  Hmmmm.

Thinking....thinking....thinking.....AH HA!!

diabetes - 24,576 pokes and counting (not including finger pricks!)



  1. Wow....that's a lot of pokes! Makes me think that for those of you who use insulin and someone asks you how long you've been at this: I'm at 24,576 pokes and counting!

  2. "diabetes - 24,576 pokes and counting" that is powerful makes me stop and think about living with diabetes. Even as a diabetic myself.

  3. you're dedicated to this month of blogging, no way I'd have patience to figure something like that out.
    I do love the tagline though so I guess it was all worth it!

  4. Great tagline!
    Bound to get someone's attention...

  5. I LOVE your tagline! I've never even thought about the amount of times those needles have poked me before...such a strange thought. Brilliant :)