Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a couple things

Happy Hallowe'en!!

so it seems i've been MIA for a little bit.  not sure why really.   a few things have been going on, but i'll save that for tomorrow.

for today just a couple things:

  • woke up this morning to a #bgnow of 4.9
  • this made me happy =)
  • i realized i had eaten nothing before bed last night
  • this made me hungry  
  • this then made me wonder what tomorrow morning's #bgnow might be, beings it's Halloween and all =p

anyway, hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Hallowe'en!    


Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is Thanksgiving here.  We celebrate Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October.  The history of Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to the 1578 voyage of Martin Frobisher from England in search of the Northwest Passage.

My family gets together on the Sunday of our long weekend.  Usually we celebrate Thanksgiving at my Mother's house, but this year we changed it up a little.  Well a lot actually!  We broke from tradition.  For years we always celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents home. 

This year though, it was decided we would have Thanksgiving at my son and daughter-in-laws house.  They live about 40 minutes away from Peterborough, in a little town called Buckhorn. They have a beautiful, newly built home and wanted to show it off!  It's an awesome place in the country! The trees are changing colour and the scenery is breathtaking.
looking out their window

Our whole family was there.  My parents, my sister, her husband and my 2 nephews.  My daughter and her husband along with my 2 grandchildren, my youngest daughter, myself and my husband.

There were 15 of us in total.  

My son (the host) was a little (read a lot) nervous about having everyone there.  This was the first time his aunt and uncle had been to his home.  He wanted everything to be "just right".  

The day was cool, but perfect for having an outdoor fire in a drum!  The kids enjoyed playing outside in the woods surrounding the house.  They pulled out old tree stumps, played hide 'n seek, and collected rocks and colourful leaves.  My nephews are really great with their younger cousins.  

My son decided that he was going to change up the usual menu.  This year we would be enjoying a deep-fried turkey. Needless to say, my Mother was a tad bit skeptical!  She needn't be, as it was absolutely delicious!  So crispy on the outside, and wonderfully moist on the inside!

My son also smoked a roast beef.  Can I just say cooked to perfection!  He did a truly awesome job!  Of course there were the normal accoutrement's. Mashed potatoes, carrots, turnip, green beans, dressing, gravy, coleslaw, dinner rolls.

Dessert, courtesy of my sister, was homemade lattice topped apple pie and pumpkin pie topped with ice cream.  And yes, I enjoyed every last bite!!!

I am very thankful this year, for my health, my family, my friends, and all of our good fortune.  It has been a year filled with love and good times.  I feel blessed.

And I am thankful to all of you, my friends.  May you too be blessed!