Friday, April 06, 2012

Health haiku

Today is Day 6 of HAWMC and it is poetry day.  Haiku.  
                                you know     ~     5syllables/7syllables/5syllables

i used to write poetry when i was young, but Haiku was not my style.  my daughters once found
some of my poems, written when i was about 16 or so.  they found them hysterical!!  i admit, they were the ramblings of a young girl in love (or hate or whatever the emotion of the moment was!).

one was actually about my dead fish.  i went to a Beatlemania concert with my then boyfriend (now husband) and came home to find the fish on the floor.  he apparently jumped out of the bowl, landed on the air duct/heater, and i think the air conditioning froze him to death.  of course hours out of water probably didn't help either.  poor Socrates.

anyway,  i will try my hand at haiku. 

sleep, poke, read, pump, eat
poke, read, pump, eat, again and again
will it ever end?

diabetes is
a never ending battle
consuming my day

hope is what i have
today, i will live today
with hope for a cure

i sit at the park
counting carbs for the pigeons
what is wrong with me?

"can you eat that pie?"
and i ask "why? is it bad?
is it poisonous?"

and there you have shot at Haiku.

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  1. Wonderful!! I love that you counted carbs for the birds. :)