Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Good night, sleep tight, and God Bless!!

Today, we are to write about a superpower that we either have or wish we had. 

I try to read a lot of blogs.  Most of them are related to Diabetes, be it Type 1 or Type 2.  Most of these are written by Diabetics themselves, but some are written by parents of Type 1's. 

Although i was diagnosed at the age of 12, that was many years ago.  I don't remember my parents getting up in the middle of the night to check on me.  They may have, but since we didn't have glucose meters back then, i guess there was no finger poking.  Perhaps they just made sure i was still breathing and that was that. 

Since i cannot imagine how difficult it must be for these parents,  i think my superpower would definitely include a gift for them.  Kind of like Santa, but not so blatant.

my superpower enables me to fly around the world, watching over the little diabetic people.  delivering magic dust, that raises BG's, to those in need.    In this way, their parents get to catch up on some sleep, and can rest easy, knowing that i am on the hunt for those nasty middle of the night lows.  and since i'm not really a morning person, this midnight shift works for me!

I figure if Santa can deliver toys to every child in every corner of the world, then it should be a cinch to drag around a bad of sugar dust, and sprinkle it over the sleeping child.  the dust, being magic of course, is breathed in by the child, before the low becomes LOW and allows the BG to come back within normal range.  I slip in and out without leaving a trace.  and because my powers are super, there is no need to poke fingers (or toes), and mommy's and daddy's the world over can sleep without worry!!

Good night, sleep tight, and God Bless!! 

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  1. What a sweet superpower (no pun intended). Like you, I don't remember my parents checking on me in the night either. I guess we tested my urine, I was always on the high side, and then everyone went to bed. I always thing we make trade-offs with diabetes - we have much better treatment options now, but they do bring along a whole new set of problems. :(