Monday, November 14, 2011

World Diabetes Day

today is my first World Diabetes Day.  yes, i have been a diabetic for almost 37 years, but i had never heard of WDD before.

i wasnt much involved with Diabetic things.  i did not go to Diabetes Camp as a child.  i did not (and still don't) know any other diabetics in real life.  i know they exist.  i read their blogs! 

today i am wearing blue.  i have participated in the Big Blue Test,  worn blue on friday's, mailed my postcard,  

today i am going to eat a cupcake with blue icing as a tribute to Sir Frederick Banting. 

  • Born: 14 November 1891

  • Birthplace: Alliston, Ontario, Canada

  • Died: 21 February 1941 (airplane crash)

  • Best Known As: The Canadian doctor who discovered insulin

  • Happy Birthday Dr. Banting!  and Happy World Diabetes Day!!


    1. Absolutely! Let's hear it for Doctor Banting. Someone mentioned World Diabetes Day to me last year. He was a newly diagnosed Type 2 - ie. no idea!! I didn't seek out the DOC until I went on a pump nearly 4 years ago. Prior to that my only contact with diabetes was my endocrinologist. I suppose had the internet been around back in the day when I was newly diagnosed I'd have been all happy clappy out there on line too! Don't think I've missed anything, but I'm glad to have found your blog! Cheers.

    2. hey fraudster! thanks, i love your blog but unfortunately i cant leave comments 8(
      i'll keep trying to figure it out though.