Sunday, November 06, 2011

5 things that changed my life

todays NHBPM post is to list 5 things that changed my life and how.
so after lots of thought,and many re-writes! (i started this on saturday but finished it today), here goes!

  • my diagnoses
                 being diabetic at 12 yrs old.  no longer being "like" every other kid.  the strict schedule of
                 testing, taking my shot (just 1 a day back then), eating at the same time EVERY day.
                 no being able to do what i wanted when i wanted like i used to

  • getting married
                 now doing this on my own, without my parents being in charge
                 not really doing a good job of it, not realizing my choices would have dire consequences
                 later on

  • having my children
                 small people depending on me.  trying to stay on top of everything.  going from 1 shot to 4
                 a day. not realizing that i should have placed my health needs first so that i could be a
                 better mother.

  • becoming a grandmother
                  understanding that in order to live to see them grow, i had to make changes in my care.
                  not wanting to jeapordize them, while they are in my care.

  •  undergoing triple bypass surgery at 48 years old
                   finally realizing that years of neglecting my health has to stop.  taking "ownership" of
                   my disease for perhaps the first time.  making myself #1.  getting my insulin pump.
                                                                finally being happy within.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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