Thursday, November 03, 2011

to me, from me

hi kim,

today you are 18.  you are young and have your whole life ahead of you.    you're thinking "i know, i know"  but really, listen up.  this is important.  the road you are about to embark on is long.  it is full of bumps and potholes.  you will take a few wrong turns along the way.  there will be some wonderful things out there for you.  moments that will take your breath away. 

~you will get engaged
~you will get married
~you will have 3 wonderful, healthy kids
~you and your family will move from the city to a smaller town, far away from family and friends
~you will witness the birth of your 2 amazing grandkids


~you will continue to abuse your body by eating things high in carbs, and drinking too much
~you wont test, you wont take control, you wont worry
~you believe that if it ain't broke, why fix it

but it is broke.  you just dont know it yet.

if you start listening NOW there are things you can avoid.  i dont mean to nag, but seriously, PAY ATTENTION!!

you need to find a doctor.  one you trust.  one that really "gets" diabetes.
you need to start testing NOW
you need to eat better and slow down on the junk food and alcohol
you need to quit smoking TODAY

if you don't i can guarantee you these things:
  • you will start losing feeling in your feet
  • you will get pains in your legs when you walk, even short distances
  • you will end up having laser surgery many, many times
  • you will have blocked arteries in your legs, requiring a stent, which wont work
  • you will end up having an aortic biphemoral graft at 42 yrs old
  • you will endure months of heartburn that will turn out to be something much worse
  • you will have triple bypass surgery at 48
these things i can promise you.

if you dont believe me, you wont live to see your beautiful grandson and granddaughter grow up.
you wont live to see your youngest daughter graduate from college, or your son get married.
you will break the heart of the man who has known and loved you since you were 16yrs old.

it's up to you. 
YOU.CAN.DO.THIS.  you just have to try.  wont you please?

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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