Tuesday, November 08, 2011

which is it? fact or fiction?

today's post is sort of a game.  i will tell you a couple of short stories.  i promise they won't take much time.
your job, dear readers, is to tell me whether you think they are fact or fiction. 

some may make you laugh, some may sound familiar to you, others may illicit an OMG! can it be true? response.  in so saying, here we go.

#1  it is early in the morning.  still dark outside.  husband has left for work some 2hrs ago.  i am roused by a buzzing sound.  thinking it is my cell phone, i answer it.  "hello? hello?"  the noise continues.  minutes go by. BZZZZZ  BZZZZZZ BZZZZZ.  my daughter comes in the room and tells me to "shut off the alarm mom!!"  i stare at her, looking afraid and hold out my cell phone.
"i dont know how!!"  i cry, tears rolling down my cheeks.  it is then she realizes i am low.  it seems i cry when low.

#2  saturday afternoon.  i am out doing errands.  the streets in our town are busy on saturday afternoons.  my daughter, then about 5 years old is with me.  i wake up in the hospital emerg.  it seems i was driving erratically and a taxi driver noticed and tried to slow me down.  he radioed for another cab to help.  they got me stopped and called for police and ambulance.  they went through my purse to get my info.  my 5 y/o wouldn't give them any information because she "wasn't allowed to talk to strangers"  it seems i had over $1400 in my wallet and at first they thought perhaps i was OD'ing.  truth is, i was supposed to deposit about $700 rent money, but instead i withdrew $700 instead, totalling $1400.  all while in a low BG stupor.

#3  i am sitting on the steps inside my backdoor.  the door is unlocked.  my kids are due home from school any moment.  i see them coming up the driveway so unlock the door for them.  they cannot get in.  i cannot open the door.  the concept of turning a small button is beyond me.  they run down the street to get my friend and neighbour.  she comes with them, and after many minutes of her yelling through the door instructions a 6mth old could understand, i finally get the door unlocked.  paramedics are called once again.

#4  we are expecting company.  family from out of town are visiting.  i am busy all day trying to get organized.  not an easy feat with a newborn and a 2yr old.  the toy room is a disaster.  husband comes home from work, sees something in my face only he can see.  the conversation goes like this.  "kim you're low. you need to stop what you're doing and get some sugar into you."  "no, i'm fine.  i just have to get this straightened up."  "no, you need to stop and have a cup of tea." " what's wrong with you? can't you SEE I AM FINE!   i'm almost done"  next thing you know i am on my face in the middle of the playroom.  Damn you diabetes, and damn you husband for being right - again! LOL

so now, after reading these blips in time, are they fact or fiction?   real excerpts from my life with D, or are they just fictional pieces, meant to entertain?  you tell me.  and i will let you know if you're right!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J

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