Thursday, November 17, 2011

falling off the wagon hurts ~ caused by schedule overload!

it seems i have fallen off the wagon.  i was going for 30 days of blogging with NHBPM.  clearly, i didn't make it.  i feel bad.  sort of like i let myself down. 

life got in the way.  that sounds so lame, but it's true.  some days it just doesn't seem that there are enough hours.  i was off work (my night job) for a week.  i still had kids to look after during the day.  my housework is so far behind i may never get caught up!  i have family coming for November  birthday celebrations on Saturday, and i work Saturday morning.  i will spend most of Friday morning (before work),  and late Friday night (after work!) preparing for them. 

today i went to my first ever visit with a chiropodist.  he seemed surprised that i had never seen one before.  he went on to tell me all the horror stories about diabetics and their feet.  he did, however, jokingly say that i had probably heard it all before.  overall, my feet are not in bad shape.  i do have to change my footwear, and perhaps consider orthotics in the near future.  the visit was well worth the $45.00 it cost me.

i stopped at my Canadian Diabetic Assoc. office this afternoon.  i picked up a bracelet and a lapel pin.  i have been wanting these for a long time now, but they never had any available.  while i was there, i was talking to the woman about a few different things.  one was my visit this morning, and she mentioned an information session on monday.  i may attend if i don't work.  the other was volunteer opportunities.  it seems they need someone to do supermarket tours.  since i work in a grocery store, she thought this may be something i would be interested in.  and i am!  i really am! i think it would be an awesome opportunity, and i really want to do this!

now i just have to figure out exactly how to fit this into my already overloaded schedule!

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