Friday, November 11, 2011

is it just me?

just wondering if this is just a "me" thing.  sound weird?  i know.  well, when my BG is getting high, i get this weird sense of smell.  i know, weird eh?

yesterday morning, my fasting BG was 7.8.  not bad.  i had a toasted bagel with butter, and a coffee with cream.  bolused for 28gr of carbs.   a little over an hour later i start to feel, off.  not sure how to describe it.  it seems to start with a smell.  sort of like cleaning products, but not really. 
i check my blood and it's 13.0.  HOLY HANNAH!!  that's a huge spike in a short period of time. 

my DEC once told me that the "smell" is ketones.  so i get out my metre and check.  0.1
BG metre says not to correct so i dont.
2hrs later all is well.  BG down to 6.4,  and i noticed the smell diminishing as my BG fell.

today, same thing.  normal range fasting, huge spike after eating (different food though).  weird smell.  no ketones.  BG dropping after about 2hrs. 

i think i will need to either change my breakfast choices, or do some basal testing.

but the whole weird smell thing? 

is it just me?

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  1. That's different. I can't say I've ever noticed anything like that but now I'm curious.
    Bagels used to wreck me hardcore when I was still eating gluten but I think that was because I was never bolusing enough.

  2. i think if i continue with bagels (and they are PC thins), i may try a combo bolus and see how that works. i love me a bagel!

  3. I get exactly the same thing, Kim. I often can't smell it myself, but I get a bit of a funny taste once I go over the 10mmol bg and my parents used to say it smelled like pear-drops.
    I've also wondered why my bg's peak in a short amount of time after meals, so asked my diabetes nurse and she said that happens if you're eating any amount of carb. As long as you don't have any ketones it's normal apparently. I don't know - I hear different things all the time!
    The smell thing is kinda' annoying though, right? Makes me a little self-conscious. Hope you work things out! x