Wednesday, November 09, 2011

this morning, as i sat here in front of my computer reading blogs, i was thinking in the back of my mind of what to post for day 9 of NHBPM.  i haven't really been following the prompts, as i haven't been blogging that long.  for instance, today's prompt, My personal brand.  i don't really have one.  i don't even know if people really read my blog (ok so i know some people do ).  my point is,  i just say what's on my mind.  what's happening, what's bugging me. 

i was reading a post by C.  the story is about burnout.  we all know what that's about.  it was time for her endo visit.  C was prepared to be honest and upfront about her feelings.  about how those feelings were affecting her diabetes care.  sometimes that's hard for us.  #'s are not something we're real comfortable with.  they make us happy. they make us sad.  they anger us and sometimes they make us fight.

the part that really pissed me off was her endo's attitude.  i mean it REALLY REALLY angered me.  it brought back a memory.  one i thought was truly buried.  her experience was so like one i had had.  and all that buried, hidden, forgotten anger came bursting out!

how dare that dr. judge her?
how dare that dr. presume to think that we can pull ourselves "out of it"?  does she think it's like getting stuck in a snowbank?
does she think threats work?
how dare she try to relate her getting up at 5:45 to jog because she knows "it's good" for her, to all that we do for ourselves every minute of every day, ALL THE TIME?!!!

i think it's time we became teachers.  no, no, not advocates or educators, but teachers.  back to the basics.  holding seminars for endocrinologist's.  not all of them.  just those like the one in C's post.  like court ordered anger management classes, for ENDO OFFENDERS.  run by diabetics.  type 1's, type 2's, LADA's.  parents of CWD's.  perhaps even a few type awesome's for good measure.

we will teach them how it really is. 

the first thing they will have to do is choose.  from a hat.  which type of diabetes will the hat bestow on them?
secondly, they will be required to live that life for a month.  everything that life includes.  the shots, the pokes, the pills.  the highs, the lows. (and i'm not averse to giving them a little shot of "real" insulin just to prove a point!).  they will have to count carbs, figure out corrections,  wake up in the middle of the night to check BG's.   do everything we have to do, including keep logs.  real logbooks.  not fake one's to make us feel better, so they wont yell at us.

they will have to go for lab work and come meet us to "go over" it. 
we can then decide how best to "treat" them.  teach them how it feels to be belittled, humiliated, and to feel as if our efforts aren't enough.  give them some of their own bitter medicine.

see how they feel.  how fast do you think they would run to the nearest St. Cinnamon for a great big cinnamon danish? (that's a whole other story! )

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  1. Well said, Kim. I had fasting blood taken this morning at the pathologists up the road ready for my endo visit this coming Thursday. I'm dreading it. Last A1C was 7.6 and I got the head shake and some vague advice as to how to adjust my basals. My slightly higher than last time result - by .3 - is not my fault. I do everything possible. But there you go. Cheers. Fraudster.

  2. I love this idea and I will sign up to be an instructor!!