Tuesday, November 01, 2011

bacon and cupcakes

today is november 1st.  the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month.  the first day of NationalHealthBlogPostingMonthThe Big Blue Test starts today and runs until the 14th.  the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange is the brainchild of Lee Ann Thill.  there are lots of things going on in your local area to get involved in as well!

there are soooo many things going on this month. 

it is amazing to me that this time last year, i was not aware of the DOC, and all the wonderful people associated within.  i don't remember being aware that november was Diabetes Awareness Month, nor that November 14th was WDD!!!  how could i have been so.......unaware??

around this time last year i was working with my new endo and the team at my DEC.  i was considering getting a pump.  i was finally acknowledging My Diabetes, and taking ownership.  but i was still so ALONE. 

it wasn't till, probably february, that i found the DOC. it was totally by accident, and i am so glad i did.  it happened that i was looking online for other people who had gone through triple bypass surgery.  i don't remember exactly what i typed in the search bar.  perhaps it was the relationship between diabetes and heart problems. but it brought me to the DOC!

this time last year i didn't realize that people celebrated their Diaversary's.  i didn't realize people actually "met up" with other diabetics.  or that they opened up their hearts and lives and let others in. i knew nothing about unicorns and glitter, bacon and cupcakes.

and so, this November, along with celebrating my 49th birthday, i will be celebrating my 37th Diaversary.  i will be sending out a homemade postcard to another PWD, testing my blood and telling the world the result, wearing blue every friday, and trying to writing a post everyday! 

November is the most wonderful month of the year!!!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J

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