Thursday, May 19, 2011

wednesday already??

 i cant believe wednesday has come and is almost gone!  what happened to it?  it started with me not wanting to get out of bed.  just wanted to sleep.  BG 3.0.   how does this happen and why??  who knows.  everything was fine when i went to bed.  i have been under a wee bit of stress lately, but i thought i was handling it.  apparently not as well as i thougth. 
my phone rings at 8:10am.  it's my Cardiologist's office.  could i possibly come in at 10:45am today?  sure, not a problem.  really?? what was i thinking?  my appt was originally for May 25 then they moved it to June 22.  so, of course, there must  have been something wrong with my stress echo.
4 months ago, i underwent triple bypass surgery.  a bit of a surprise.  for over 7 months i thought the burning in my chest was heart burn/indigestion.  WRONG!!
anyway, of course i start wondering what could be wrong. you wouldn't just move the appt up unless there was something wrong, right???!!  stress again!  turns out they just had a cancellation, and knew i lived close, so thought i might want to come early.  met my new Cardiologist.  seemed nice.  my regular is on maternity leave.  everything is good as far as the ticker goes.  all tests came back good.  cholesterol good...thyroid good.  only thing to watch out for is blood pressure.  a little high.  NOT SURPRISING,  i tell him.  i look after 2 small busy kids, and my husband is not working right now.  my drug plan is maxed out, and i just started on the pump (which is covered by our Ontario gov), but i did not know that there would be a possible 3 mth wait for coverage on the pump supplies  8(  i guess i could have time all this a little better.  oh well, live and learn. 
so BG after appt is within norm.  but then by dinner low again.  and this time i could tell.  slight problem~~empty box of test strips~~~i thought for sure there was at least one more bottle.  okay so i cant test, but i can eat!! and so i did.  skittles, and lots of them.  then pork chops, yellow beans and fries!! yes, fries.  i did count them though and i only had 16. yup 16 fries. 
went to the drug store to buy strips, and tested.  9.5 - not too bad considering the skittles! 
so, today for the 1st time since i started the pump, i ate first and bolused after. 
NOTE TO SELF:  order supplies when you open the last bottle, not when you use the last strip!!

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