Monday, May 09, 2011

Admiring our Differences

i decided to join Blog Week, because i am new to blogging and i thought it would be a great way to start.  i have been reading alot of blogs lately, and the ones that always strike me are the ones by parent of children with diabetes.  i was diagnosed at 12 years old, and i had never really given much thought to what my family,  mainly my mother, had to do.  it has been through reading the blogs of these wonderful parents, that i have come to understand what my mother must have been going through. she worked full time, had 2 children, a husband and a house to run. she didn't have family close, nor did we know anyone with diabetes, and there was no internet, so no online community. now remember that was 36 years ago,(don't do the math!!) and things have come a long way, with meters and pumps and MDI's. also, i was 12 so was expected to do certain things myself, but she was still "in charge", and doing it alone.  i guess she was what some now would call a Type3! 
i have 2 grandchildren, ages 1 and 5, who i look after every day, and i honestly couldn't begin to think about having to prick their tiny fingers, give them shots, or figure out carbs, and boluses.  i will start using a pump tomorrow, and i am sure it will be a giant leap!  but if i had to do that for my child? 
it's not as if kids arent enough of a handful at times!  but to add diabetes on top of it? 
all i can say is....
parents of children with diabetes ~ you are heroes!!! and i commend you for it!!
and ps ~ mom, thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for being there and thanks for STILL being there! you are my hero and i love you <3 


  1. Parents of CWD are totally my heroes, too. (Also, I love your blog layout! Very cute.) :)

  2. Congratulations on starting the pump!!

    Your words are so sweet!

  3. Parents of CWD's are amazing!

  4. yay for D-'rents!

    good luck tomorrow! :)

  5. D-'rents(i love that!) truly are amazing! and like any parent, their job doesn't end when the child is grown and moves away. my mother still worries about lows, and fusses about BG's and A1c's!! there should be a holiday for them, like mother's day and father's day. we could call it "D-'rents Day!!"