Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things i hate about you, Diabetes

as i may have mentioned, i have been Diabetic for what seems to me, a reaaally lonnng time. 8-D
in all this time, i have never made a list of the things i hate about it.  so i started thinking, and because it's so "old hat" to me now, i think i will make my "hate list" about the things i used to hate about it.  this is the list i would have wrote, 36 years ago, if i had thought about putting pen to paper!  so here goes!
    why i hate diabetes

1.  i hate that you picked me!!!
2.  i hate that because of you, i am the skinny kid with no boobs!!!
3.  i hate you because i hate milk and now i have to drink 12oz of it 3 times a day!
4.  i hate you because i cant sleep in anymore
5.  i hate you because my mom worries about me all the time, even though she does a great job of hiding it    8-(
6.  i hate you because everything is "on schedule" and i cant do things like stay at my friends for dinner because their mom's dont know how to measure everything.
7.  i hate you because now i have to eat even when i am not hungry.
8   i hate you because you are dumb
9.  i hate you because you are stupid
10.  i hate you because you are ruining everything!!!

luckily, with age comes wisdom.  the list would be much shorter now, and would be more about the disease and its effects on others.   the list of things i like (or have grown to like!) about being diabetic
would include things like ~ it has made me a survivor.  it has made me more compassionate.  it has made me appreciate things and it has taught me (slowly)  not to stress because tomorrow is another
day, and i will win!!!

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  1. Unique perspective. Good post! I think #8 and #9 are my favorites.