Monday, May 16, 2011

i dont like mondays(or rain) 8-\

so that's not entirely true.  i don't dislike mondays any more that any other day of the week.  it's just that today will be day 6 of 7 in a row at work.  now don't get me wrong, i am not really complaining.  i like my job, i am just extremely tired!!!  exhausted almost.  it has been 5 months since i have been at work, and i started back last monday.  short shifts (just 4hrs), evenings and weekends,  working the self checkout at our biggest grocery store.  it's not hard, it does not involve heavy lifting, or anything stressful (except sometimes the customers themselves LOL!), but i am soooo tired.
add to that, the fact that i watch my 2 grandkids during the day, for my middle child, and i pick my youngest up from her job at midnight.  plus i started using my Animas Ping pump last tuesday so i have become a little OCD in the testing department.  where before i would hardly ever get up in the middle of the night to do a test, i find myself testing every 2 hours. day and night.  night and day.  will it ever stop?  will i go back to just 4 times a day?  will i sleep through the night?  it's like having a newborn!  and i guess in a way, it is my newborn.  i sort of miss the old days. the days of sticking myself 4 times a day with a needle.  oh, don't judge me!  i know its weird, its just been so many years of it, that i still find myself looking for my pen after a meal, just because i did it forever!  this too shall pass, i'm sure!

well happy monday everyone!!!

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