Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello long weekend!!

well it's friday, and the weekend is here!!!
i think it's going to be a busy weekend.  we will be celebrating Mother's Day, at my house on Saturday.  we had to attend a funeral on the real Mother's Day weekend, so i decided to invite my mom (and dad) over for a Mother's Day dinner.
the weekend will begin with grocery shopping.  i work in a grocery store, so you'd think i would just do it while there, but no...i work till closing so no shopping for me.  the next stop is my grandson's Lacrosse game.  he is 5 and he is just beginning to get the game.  he and his dad have been throwing the ball around for ages, and he can cradle and spin.  but there are real kids and they all want the ball!!!  it's a little bit of organized chaos!!!
then, we will have a light lunch.  perhaps quiche and salad.  not sure.  working on low carb here.  dinner will be potato salad, mini sliders (both chicken and beef mini burgers), and perhaps some grilled zucchini.  i love zucchini!!  almost as much as potato salad!! (not so low in the carb dept!!)
i believe if the weather holds, we may have a fire later in the evening while wating for the fireworks.  they do a huge display this weekend, as it is the opening of our Little Lake Music Festival, which brings in great talent, and performs free concerts each Wednesday and Saturday evening during the summer.  last year, fellow diabetic, and Animas pumper, George Canyon played here!!!
sunday, i work in the afternoon, so perhaps someone else will do the cooking and it will be ready when i come home at 5pm!! 
monday will be a relaxing day.  hope to sleep in a little and just laze around.  perhaps do a little reading and relaxing outdoors in the sun.
hope you all have a great long weekend!!

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