Thursday, May 19, 2011

my first low blood sugar ever!

today i decided to lighten the mood, so to speak.  yesterday was a day of a couple lows and that got me to thinking about them in general.
i was diagnosed in 1974 at the age of 12.  the first low BG i really remember, was probably about 4yrs after diagnoses.  i was 16 (this i remember because i was dating my now-husband).  i may have had some slight lows during those 4 years but this was a "call the ambulance" kind.  the story goes something like this ~  my alarm clock is going off....i am not hitting the snooze sister comes in and says something to me, but i am not aware...she apparently goes to get my comes in and does his usual thing he does to get me out of bed when i am just being lazy...he pulls the pillow out from under me and wacks me on the head, gently of course.  my response? yells at mom to bring OJ...which she does.  they manage to get me sitting up and then the alarm goes off rips it from the forces OJ into my mouth, which i promptly spew all over my dad.  yup, his nice suit (he works as a bank manager) is now covered in orange juice.  i then swear at him, telling him to eff off (and i never swear in front of my parents, EVER!). and i am not pleasant.  mom decides to call the ambulance because its obvious they are not going to be able to do anything about this one.  a little later, i wake up in the hospital.  BG is now back to normal and i have a raging headache. my parents tell me about my behaviour, and i apologize.  dad says if i spoke like that to him while i was "in my right mind" he would have "smacked me a good one"!  LOL!! that's the first time i ever did not wake up in the morning due to low blood sugars.
that has happened many, many times over the years, with several calls for the ambulance. now my husband is pretty experienced with these events and can tell before it gets that bad.  i also have a glucagon kit now so we're all good.

one other time, and this one is kind of funny, my kids were probably about 12,10 and 6.  i have a really good friend, who the kids always called if i went low, and i wasn't listening to them. (i have a habit of being a tad beligerent at times like this. heehee!)  anyway, over she comes, and she knows that i hate when she tells me she's going to call the ambulance, and that usually gets me to cooperate.  this time, i am slouching on the couch, and she leans in to tell me she is going to call the ambulance, and i decided that this was the perfect opportunity to........PUNCH HER IN THE SIDE OF THE FACE!!!  now believe me, i had never, ever hit another person in my life!!!! 
the next day, i take my kids to school, like always, and there she is, my BFF, and she has this awful bruise on the side of her face.  i ask her what the hell happened, and she says "that's where you hit me" with a perfectly straight face.  i, of course do not believe her.  but my kids assure me that this is in fact, true.  i am sooooo embarassed.  she is laughing and telling me not to worry about it.  she knows i didn't truly mean to punch her and then she tells me that if hadn't "been such a little thing" she would have just "sat on me and shovelled sugar in my mouth" but she didn't want to hurt me!!!!

i (we) can laugh about this now, but at the time it really wasn't funny.  these actions, are not the actions of a sane, rational individual.  these are the actions of a crazy person!! 

and i thought for years, that i was the only one to ever suffer these kinds of lows.  i have since learned differently, and am very happy to know i am not alone!!!

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  1. I have luckily never had that scary of a low. The lowest I've ever been is 34, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm glad you are ok!