Monday, May 23, 2011

tomorrow i try the Inset 30

i am a little sad.  right now, the site i am using is working great.  the set i am using is the Contact-detach, and although i didn't like it the first time i used it, i am liking it now.  it hasn't hurt, or itched, or got caught on anything (like a bar of soap, or a bath scrunchie thing, OR my granddaughter!). 
tomorrow is site change day.  i may have a "free shower", and that will be nice.  i am nervous however, about using another infusion set.  i have never tried this one before.  it's called the Inset 30, it goes in on a 30 degree angle.  apparently good for skinny people and sporty people.  neither of which is me!  these are free samples that came with my pump.  and perhaps i will like them.  i watched a video on how to use them, cause i was having a brain fart trying to figure it out, by reading the booklet.  it seems easy as long as i keep the "feet" in the right position.  should be easy peasy!! (i am trying to think positively here!!)
i will let you know how it goes. 
wish me luck!

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