Sunday, May 08, 2011

hello out there!

hi! i'm kim, and i am a diabetic.  type 1 for 36yrs.  about to be a pumper. i am new to this whole blogging thing.  i have been reading alot of diabetes blogs lately.  i have a few that i keep coming back to.  they are all full of information and i look forward to reading them.  i grew up as an only diabetic.  what i mean by that is simply this.  i was (and still am) the only one in my family with diabetes.  i was diagnosed at age 12.  i do not know any diabetics.  well not personally anyway.  but after joining TuDiabetes i now have many diabetic friends!  i am not a doctor, nor medically trained in any way.  whatever you read here on my blog are just my musings, my opinions, and they must not be taken as anything other than that. 8-)
looking forward to chatting to you!

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