Sunday, May 22, 2011

math for diabetics

i had a friend ask me about my pump the other day... i was explaining to her how it works.  how i only have to "poke" myself every 3 days now instead of 4x/day.  she asked what the advantage to that was.  as i tried to explain this to her, i started to do the math.  i had, until 2wks ago, been doing an average of 4 injections daily for the past 10 years.  that's 120/mth ~1440/yr ~14400 over 10 years!!!  i had never really done the math before!  then add the 1/day for the 26yrs previous to that ~ 9490 thats over 23000 injections!!  mind boggling!! 
so after i told her the math stats, her first words were "i could never do that" and my reply
"you could if you had to"
not sure why every non-PWD says that, but there it is.  and not sure why that was my reply.  wish i thought of something better!

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