Tuesday, May 17, 2011

infusion set changes

it's tuesday.  it is gray and very cool.  not very spring-like, i must say.  this morning i changed my infusion set.  interesting. 
last friday, after being on the pump for 3 days, i went to my DEC and the girls walked me through my first site change.  during my trial runs i tried 3 different sets, with 3 different pumps.  my first day on the pump (real time), i tried the InsetII 9mm.  i like it.  so last friday, as i mentioned, i went for my first site change.  i decided to try the 8mm Contact-detach.  this is the straight metal one.  this does not have a handy device that inserts for you.  nope.  you just jab this one in all by yourself.  worse, really, than giving yourself and injection with a pen.  the pen tips i used were 4mm.  very tiny.  this seemed HUGE! well aside from some slight resistance and  hearing a slight popping sound, it seemed okay and i was done.  home i went.  things seemed to be okay.  BG was elevated, but i figured perhaps just nerves.  kept an eye on things and it was not too bad.  a little high, but not bad.  after supper, BG was 8.4.  my target is set for 8 right now.  i left for work.  i tested at work 2hrs after dinner.  18.2mmols!!!! so i bolused.  an hour later 19.8!!! OMG!  so i bolused again. i was beginning to smell javex.  not a good sign.   now i know i need to do a site change.  that little popping sound was haunting me.  i remembered that sound from the pen.  sometimes it seemed as though a little summin summin gots stuck in the tip, and the insulin just wouldn't budge.  could this be what happened?  does this ever happen to anyone else?  am i crazy???
so as soon as i got home from work, i got out everything i needed to do another site change.  i didnt change the cartridge, but i did add to it a little.  i used the InsetII 9mm again and everything went off like clockwork.  bolused and it seemed like almost right away my BG started coming down.  thank god!! 
so this morning i am doing site change #3.  things did not progress as smoothly for some reason.  there was lots going on at home this morning.  my daughter making her breakfast, my granddaughter running all over the kitchen, my husband chasing my granddaughter around.  not the best environment for doing this for only the 3rd time.  needless to say, i messed up.  i went to pull the protective cap off and pulled the whole thing apart!  now i can't get it back together, and i am frustrated. and so i yell, and then i feel like crying.  but i get myself together, get out another set, and fire away.  SUCCESS!!!!
YAY ME!!!!  patience is a virtue...one of which i may be a little short on.  but i'm learning!!

have a great day!  see ya tomorrow!!

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