Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear You-then,

Hi, it's Me-now.    I just wanted to let you know, that despite your best shot you did not manage to defeat diabetes by ignoring it.  It is an insiduous little creature.  It hid well.  It managed to keep itself at bay for many years, working quietly in the background.  Destroying things you knew nothing about, nor cared to acknowledge.   You got away with lots of things for a long time.  You didn't always look after yourself.  You didn't test as often as you should have.  You didn't always take your insulin like you should have.  You ate what you wanted and drank what you wanted for many years.  Oh, but you were lucky.  You got married, had 3 wonderful, healthy children, worked hard, and lived life as if nothing could go wrong.  Then one day, you noticed that walking with the kids was not as easy as it used to be.  Your legs hurt and your feet burned at the end of the day.  "No worries" thought you.  Then, you began to see little, funny dots in your eyes.  "Hmmmm" said you.  "Better get that checked."  And yes, DIABETES was starting to raise it's ugly little head.  So you had laser surgery for the "little dots".  You went to your endo-then, and went from 1 shot/day to 4.  Oh that was fun.  But, you decided it was time to start looking out for you.  Little did you know, but things were not all sunshine and roses inside.  There were things hiding in there.  High Cholesterol was there, along with High Blood Pressure.   You started to be afraid of these things.  You wanted to do something about them.  Thats when Me-now began to emerge. Me-now went to an new endo.  Endo-now helped Me-now get things in perspective.  Me-now started to take the right pills, test regularly and eat better.  Me-now started doing "things right"...but was it to late??  Maybe a little.  But great things start with little steps.  Together, we have gone from 1 shot/day to 4.  Testing 1/wk to 4-6x/day.  We have undergone triple bypass surgery, and today we began a new chapter.  Pumping!!!    So, I just wanted you to know, that although we took the long road, we have evolved and I plan on being here for a long, long time.  See ya later You-then.

Me-now  <3


  1. All the work you've done and are doing is impressive and inspiring! Glad you are doing well and will be around for a long time!!

  2. Great letter, Me-Now Kim! So many of us could probably write similar letters to our Then-versions of ourselves who thought we were invincible back in day. Thanks for writing this and sharing it.

  3. We have all been there. I am glad that you are taking better care now. Thank you for sharing this with us!