Saturday, May 28, 2011

oh my goodness!

i am so impressed!  i have been doing a lot of reading lately.  blogs.  lots and lots of blogs.  and it seems i am falling in love with them all!  it all started when i decided to join this wonderful blogging community.  i lurked a wee bit, then decided, that perhaps i could add a little bit to this great big family of PWD and those that take care of them and love them.  so i started this.  after reading about D-Blog week over on Karen's blog @ Bitter~Sweet, i decided to join in.  i could write about a certain topic each day.  and i did! and i loved doing it!  and over the past week i have loved reading everyone's posts.  it is such a relief to me to find, that after many, many years, there are  others out there dealing with the same things i have been dealing with! unexplainable lows, and highs, and all in the same day!  feeling like crap, and not being able to explain to anyone why, or at least so as they could understand.  having to explain to "people of little knowledge" that "yes, i can eat this", and "no, it won't kill me".  today, i was reading one of my favourite sites DiabetesMine.  the post was called "it's contextual, stupid", and i just sat there nodding my head at everything AmyT said!!  it was funny because my husband was watching me read, and was laughing at me sitting there nodding away as if i was in conversation with someone.  and in fact, i felt i was, cause there i was, agreeing with everything, and nodding like she could see me!!  8)  i was alone, but it felt like i had known AmyT for years, and we were having a coffee and discussing this phenomenon i call the "need to know" person!
you'll have to read the article.  it's great, and i've wondered how others handle this situation, but not knowing another diabetic, personally, never had anyone to ask. 
now i know that i can ask anything on here, and someone will answer!  cause we are all living the D-life and going through/or have already gone through, similar things!  thanks everyone! enjoy your weekend!

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