Saturday, May 05, 2012

playing nice (or not) and blogging

So after a couple days hiatus, i'm back.  for some reason, this week has seemed very long.   perhaps it's because i have been working ALOT!  the days are very long.  i am usually up at around 7 (which i know to some is not early) and my work day usually ends around 10:15pm.  of course by then i am so amped up that i can't go to bed.   it's usually midnight before i climb into bed.  i find it hard to turn the day "off", and get to sleep.  i don't feel like i've had a day off in forever!  for the last little while, i have been getting tuesdays and wednesdays off from the grocery store, but i still have my grandchildren during the day, so not really a day off. 

there have been a couple of days this week where diabetes has not been playing nicely either.  that lends to me feeling more tired than usual.  and grumpy.  when bg's aren't being fair, i tend to get grumpy. 
two times this week, i have woken to BG's in the 20's (mmol's that is).  then because they are very stubborn, i am doing a little rage bolusing and i end up dropping to the 3's.  so naturally i must eat everything in sight!!  "oh! look, little oranges, lets have a couple of those.  mmm maybe i should have a juice box just to be sure.  ew and i see some of the candy coated sweet tarts.  yup lets have a couple of them"

i have also missed being told what to write about.  i am looking forward to this month. Karen  at  hosts a week-long blogging bonanza.   

last year was the first time i participated and i am really looking forward to being a part of this again.

right now, i think i'm off to bed.  i have a headache, and i have to get up for work in the morning.  oh please let my lotto numbers come in!   


  1. I'm sorry that things have been tough for you. I hope they get better quickly! I'm looking forward to Dblog week too! It was a lot of fun last year and that is where I found a lot of other dbloggers.

  2. Ugh, isn't it the worst when life and diabetes both decide to beat you up at the same time. I hope things are going more smoothly. And I'm so excited you are up for DBlog Week again!!