Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ahh summer, i remember you

seems as though summer is here.  the temperatures have been in the high 20's (80+).  i am not a "summer girl".
i like fall.  i seem to have forgotten what summer was like last year.

last summer was my first with a pump.  i remember now how that went.  i had to get used to having something "stuck" to me 24/7.  and i had to have help getting that "something" to stick. especially because we have an inground pool and my grandkids love to swim.  EVERYDAY.  after speaking to a really nice lady at Animas, this is what she recommended last year.

and since i am currently using the Contac-D infusion set, it's 2 things stuck to me.

with the weather so hot and humid, i am not having much luck getting this to stick.  i have it covered with a Tegaderm patch, but i am getting a raised, itchy area around the outside of the patch.  i got on the phone to Animas and ordered a box of SkinTac Wipes.  they should arrive tomorrow.  and i can't wait.  i am seriously considering removing the Tegaderm and going with duct tape! 

hopefully this will be just what i need to keep my inset stuck, and delivering properly.  i may need to look for some new real estate, but i'm a little nervous.  i have only being using my stomach but i think i have a bit of scar tissue built up.

where do you guys wear your sites?  i was thinking about moving them around to the back of my hips, but i'm afraid that they may get pulled (or pushed) out when i pull up my pants/jeans/shorts.

perhaps i just need to go shopping for a few new sundresses (with pockets), and then i wouldn't have to worry about ripping them out!


  1. I use Skintac all year instead of IVprep because it's just stickier!
    I find that in order to prolong infusion sets in the summer is by putting them in less sweaty areas. If only I had more arms! Upper bum/lower back are pretty good too. You get used to remembering they are there when pulling your pants down.

  2. I love using my thighs!
    But, yup, you need to be extremely thoughtful when removing clothing. You get used to it, try it.

  3. I've been using IVprep for years now, but I'm curious about Skintac...I'll have to try it now.

    As for new real estate, I've been using my lower back more and more. My stomach needed a break so I switched to my back and lower hip area. The absorption is good too. I admit I'm too scared to use arms or thighs...but eventually I'll need new real estate too.

    I do love the idea of shopping for new sundresses though!!