Monday, May 07, 2012

a few of my favourite things

today i signed up for the 3rd annual D-Blog Week over at Bitter-Sweet.  Karen had this great idea 2 years ago, and it has been a huge hit.  She gives us 7 topics, one for each day of the week, and we write a post pertaining to that topic.  there are 2 wild card topics just in case the days topic doesn't tickle your fancy.    Last year, when i joined up, it was my first week of blogging.  it was awesome to have topics, cause i really didn't know if blogging was for me.  well, apparently it was, cause i'm still here!  i "met" a lot of other bloggers through this  amazing challenge.  i am really looking forward to it.  if you're interested too, and think you might like to join, click here to sign up.  you can even check out last years participants. 

my painting classes have ended for the summer.  i'm kinda sad about that but they start back up in september.  2 of the girls i go with and myself will try to get together each week at each other's houses to continue painting.  nothing formal, just testing out some techniques and practicing. 
i decided yesterday to paint a picture for my mom for Mother's Day.  i will have it matted and framed for her. 
blogging and painting.  my two relaxing pastimes.

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