Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new sets and new sites

today my order from Animas came through.  skin tac has arrived.  today is a very cool day, weather-wise.  no worries about sweating swimming my site off, since neither of the grandkiddies has any interest in going in the pool today.  oh well, at least i have it for next site change (which is going into uncharted real estate i think! LOL!). 

i am waiting on a delivery of a few different infusion sets.  i spoke with a couple of different suppliers in my area and they are sending me samples.  i will be trying the Cleo 90 and the Rapid D infusion sets.

do any of you out there use either of these sets?  i would be interested in your opinions, and how they work for you.  what areas do you use for insertion?  like i said, i am looking for new real estate.
gotta give my tummy a rest i think. 

1 comment:

  1. I don't use either of those sites, but I can weigh in on the real estate question. Butt check sites work really well for me - and I've got plenty of space back there too. ;)