Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"we gotta beat that biadedus"

i am a mother.  i have 3 children.  their ages are 28, 25 and 21.  they are adults.  they are not diabetic.  they have been tested time and time again.  anytime i thought they were drinking alot or seemed to be peeing alot, i either had them tested at the doctors, or i tested them myself with my meter.  when they looked tired, or seemed to have lost a couple pounds, i tested them. 

i never really gave much thought when i was pregnant, that my children could be diabetic.  i remembered someone (probably a doctor) saying to my mother that sometimes diabetes skipped a generation, so i wasn't worried about my children developing it.  and of course, the chances were always higher if the father had it as opposed to the mother right??  and my husband isn't diabetic.  no one in his family has or had diabetes  that we knew of so......why worry.  but then again, no one in my family was diabetic either.

now i realize that most of my thoughts back then ( in the 70's and early 80's) were ridiculous, as far as having children and them being diabetic based on generations, or father vs mother.  and none of the "cons" stopped me from having kids.

the thing that scares me though, is that now that i am a grandma (they call me "nan"), those thoughts of skipping a genereation are coming back to haunt me.  when i see Cam(who's 5) drinking alot, or peeing alot, or seeming a little more tired. or eating more than he normally does, (at least in my eyes) i immediately want to test his BG.  and i have on more than one occassion! 

i know that whatever will be will be, and things are so different then when i was diagnosed back in the early 70's.   however, i will keep my "nan" eye on them.  'cause as Cam says, "we gotta beat that biadedus"

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  1. I think it's good that you're paying attention to your grandchildren's health. Diabetes can creep up on any of us at anytime, so catching it quickly can make a lot of difference to the person's health in the long-run!

    P.S. Love your grandson's quote - made me laugh and is actually kinda' catchy! :)