Friday, August 19, 2011

Spring update

the other day i wrote about trying out the Orbit Micro Infusion set. i mentioned that i would be trying out the Spring Universal Detach Detect set.  i first heard about this infusion set here, at DiabetesMine.

i did some research and found a company here in Ontario that supplies them.  i called and they sent me 2 samples to try.  so on monday i gave them a whirl.

i must say, i am not a big fan of these infusion sets.  if you watch the video, it looks easy, and one-handed.  however, i did not find it as easy as it looks.    there was no needle cover to remove, as it is well hidden.  i found that after insertion, getting the cover off was a little tougher with some tugging necessary.  attaching the tubing is a little different also.  you are inserting the tiny needle on the connection into a small white, rubbery circle.  it does require some pressing, but you do hear a "click".  it is quite secure, once on properly.  although i love the 360′ swivel feature, it does make the set sit higher off the body and it doesn’t swivel on its own (like the orbit micro).

i found that by the beginning of the second day, i was beginning to itch under the adhesive, which may have been more about the teflon cannula, than the adhesive itself.  i normally use a steel cannula.
also, they are bigger around than other sets i’ve tried.  sort of feels like a loonie (canadian 1$ coin) sitting on your skin.

the ability of the set to block delivery at the site if the set becomes dislodged is perhaps worth having if you are into rough sports or something like that.

i was glad i tried the Spring Infusion Set, but i think i’ll just stick to my Contact D’s. they may not have the ability to swivel a full 360'(something i think they should work on!!), and they don't come with an insertion device (you just stick 'em in yourself!), but they do sit fairly flat on my body, and they are easy to insert and remove. 

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