Friday, August 26, 2011

my "oops" moment

yesterday i went for my appointment with my DEC team.  things went really well.  we talked about my numbers, which for many years would have sent me into a panic.  but since starting with my Ping in May, i have become a little OCD about testing.  my average is 10.1 tests per day according to my pump print out.  they are pleased by this.

so we talked about my numbers.  there have been some higher numbers at certain times of the day (early morning/breakfast) and after dinner.  we did a little tweaking with I:C ratios, and some basal fine tuning also.

today, i decided to keep a written record of everything i put in my mouth and the BG tests etc., over the next few days, so i can have a visual to see if these changes are working.

lunch rolls around.  my grandkids are here (like everyday) and my daughter arrives.  one daughter coming in the door, and the youngest daughter going out the door.  two kids want lunch NOW.
i get out my scale and plop my potatoes on it to count the carbs.  i get out my book, so i can write all this down.  i get out my meter and do my test. 

BG 10.1    total carbs  34grams    bolus for carbs:     4.25
                 BG TARGET 8.0         correction:         + 1.05                            
                                                      IOB                    -    .32
                                                        TOTAL              5.00

i write all this down, including the actual food items, in my trusty little notebook, and i sit down to enjoy lunch with my daughter and her children.


get out meter, check BG  ----- 15.3      15.3!!!!!   what!????  and then i look closer.....
no insulin on board.  NO INSULIN ON BOARD???   impossible!  i always have IOB after only 2hrs.  i get out my pump and check the Bolus history.  

and here comes my "oops" moment.

while i was busy writing all this wonderful, potentially useful information in my trusty little notebook,  i forgot to push OK on my meter.  

insulin delivered??  none

ooops    :\

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