Friday, August 05, 2011

'tis the season

saturday is our first wedding of the season.  it's actually the first wedding we've attended in 3 years.  needless to say, worrying about what to wear to a wedding is completely normal for a girl.  especially in the summer.  and saturday is supposed to be wickedly hot here!!!

this wedding will be a little different for me.  i now wear a pump.  yes, my lovely green Animas Ping.  i love it!!!  but now i am having a little difficulty deciding on what to wear to this wedding. 

should i wear some nice, dressy capris with a lovely little sleeveless blouse?  should i look for a two piece skirt affair?  or perhaps a sundress?  i have seen some lovely sundresses! 

i must admit, i don't usually do the "dress" thing, and now especially with my pump.  where does one put said pump when wearing a dress??  i know some people wear them in their bras, but seriously?  not being the most chesty of creatures, i am sure it would fall right out and be dangling somewhere down there!  wouldn't that be a sight, me trying to yank it back up pulling on the "fishing line" as my husband calls it!!

i have thought of placing it on my thigh, but is duct tape appropriate attire for a wedding??  and would it stay put in the heat of  an outdoor August wedding?  i suppose i could buy a garter from the local wedding dress store perhaps?

or, maybe i should just stick to pants with a pocket.  

'tis the season!!    8-)

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  1. I have a friend who has a ping, and when she wore a sundress she clipped the pump to her undies. I can't do that with my MM - I'd have to grope around to find it every time I had to bolus. Eeek!! :)