Sunday, August 14, 2011

orbiting the universe

way back at the end of july, i mentioned that i had discovered other infusion sets that i could use with my Animas Ping.  I have been using the Orbit Micro 90 Infusion Set since friday.

i received 2 samples from the company here in Canada that supplies them.  as i have mentioned, i use the Contact Detach, which i purchase directly from Animas Canada.  i have been quite happy with that infusion set, but wanted to see what else was available.

the Orbit Micro is a little different. 

  • i found it is not as easy to insert, although once in, i did not notice it
  • it does rotate 360' which is neat
  • the cannula is 31guage ~ very thin and painless insertion
  • the tubing is blue, which is kinda weird! (the tubing was 30" and i am used to 23", but it does come in different lengths)
  • it definitely held up to tugging (fell off the dresser while i was getting dressed (my pump~not me ~ and it didn't pull out)
  • the adhesive is skin toned, which, for me, really makes no difference
  • i am used to a fairly flat cap/cover for showering, and this one is not
overall, i think i could get used to it.  but i would have to get shorter tubing! 

tomorrow, i will be trying another infusion set.  this one will be the Spring Universal Detach Detect Infusion set.  i received samples from a company about an 30 minutes from my home. They do charge shipping/handling, but i can just drive there and pick up my order if i choose.

stay tuned for updates!!

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