Thursday, July 28, 2011

orbit micro 90

i have just recently found out that it is possible to use different infusion sets with my Animas Ping pump.  i had no idea!!  as i have mentioned previously, i began pumping in May and had tried a few of the infusion sets offered from Animas.  i decided that my favourite was the ContactD.  it has a 90'steel cannula and is inserted manually.  i don't mind this.  it does not bother me and i find i have no trouble with the cannula kinking which i did with the teflon cannula's that i tried.

i was online yesterday and somehow came across an advertisement for the Orbit Micro 90' steel infusion set.  with some further delving, i found that they are offered through a  company here in Canada.  apparently you can use the Orbit sets with any pump! so i gave them a call.  i spoke with a very nice lady, who informed me that everyone that works there is either diabetic themselves or has a family member with diabetes and therefore they know what there customers are talking about and understand the costs involved with diabetes.  her son is diabetic and he uses this particular infusion set and loves it.

she offered to send me some samples of the Orbit Micro 90' to try.  now these do not come direct to my home.  they will be sent to my personal pharmacy, where i may pick them up at my convenience.  i do not need to be home to accept delivery, or have someone home to sign for them.  i do not need to buy in large quantities, just monthly is fine, and there is NO DELIVERY CHARGE!  their prices seem quite comparable with what i am paying now. 

so i am going to give them a try.  i will post an update once i do, and let you know what i think of them.  if you use them, or have used them in the past,  give me a shout and tell me what you think of them.  i would be interested in your opinions. thanks!   8-) 

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