Friday, September 30, 2011

Off to the Fair!

we are going away this weekend.  it is the 150th Anniversary of the town where my mother was born.  the place i spent every summer of my childhood.    it is also the weekend of the town's Fall Fair.  there will be a parade.  there will be floats.  my family will be on a float.  the float represents our family and all its generations.  my cousin built a child-size replica of the home my Grandmother made for her family that will be the main exhibit on the float.  i am excited to see it!  we will all wear t-shirts made for this event, with the family name on them. 

i am sooo looking forward to this weekend.  we will get to visit with family i haven't seen for a while.  we are taking our grandchildren with us.  it is a 4hr. drive.  hmmmm....  :0/

i haven't been to this particular fall fair in 28yrs.  as a child we went every year.  i have wonderful memories of this event.  perhaps that is why i LOVE fall sooo much!!

the smell of hotdogs, and candy floss.  apple cider.   the 4H club's animal exhibits.  the booths filled with pies and jams, and all things homemade.  quilts, and blankets and baby clothes. 

the sounds of the animals.  the cows mooooing, the chickens clucking.  goats and sheep baaaaing!
(love my animal sounds! heehee)

AND....the rides!!  the ferris wheel, that i thought was sooooooo HUGE as a kid.  the one i rode probably a thousand times!  (perhaps a slight exageration!).

i can't wait to share all of this with my grandchildren.  to create for them a memory, a little like my own.  to walk for a bit down memory lane.  to think about my Grandma (whom i miss dearly) for a while.  to introduce the "city kids" to the country for weekend.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  i'm sure i will!!

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