Sunday, September 25, 2011

give an inch ~ take a mile

diabetes is sort of like a small child to me.  it cries when its hungry(low), it throws a tantrum when its mad(high).  it sometimes sleeps throught the night, and other nights it wakes up with terrible nightmares.  if i treat it as my child, and listen when it speaks to me, i find it a much better behaved little thing!

yesterday we visited family. it was a birthday celebration.  and, like a child at a birthday party, D was allowed a little freedom.  most of my boluses were SWAG's.  things like pizza for lunch, and a veggie and fruit tray out for grazing.  burgers and fries for supper, with wonderful apple blossoms for dessert.  and throw in a Bailey's on Ice for good measure!

overall, not the best choices for a diabetic.  however, I CAN eat whatever i want.  and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.  and you know what?  i think my child did too!  she behaved well all day.  stayed well within her limits, and didn't throw a single tantrum!  some say "give a child an inch and they'll take a mile".

my child took her inch and was quite happy with it!

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