Friday, September 23, 2011

test driving

i just want to apologize for the crazy state of my blog the last few days.  i have been trying to decide on a look for it.  when i started this thing, i wasn't sure if i would keep it up.  i was positive that no one would even read it.  i couldn't imagine that i had anything worth saying. 

well it seems that, while i may not write everyday, KD is here for the long haul.  i like blogging, and i love reading all your posts.  i enjoy lurking, and i try to find a new blog every day. (sounds like i have a lot of time on my hands!!)

so i thought that since i was here to stay, i should probably make an attempt at having a theme of some sort.  i went online and searched for free backgrounds and headers for blogs.  there are lots of them out there.  i found that it is sort of like buying clothes. or a car. you have to try them on,  see how they fit. take them for a test drive.  and so the search began.

the background has been frilly, and striped.  it has been pink, blue and kinda orange. i have played with cupcakes, and flowers. even birds.

i think simple is best.

i am not a frilly, pink kinda girl.  nor am i cupcakie (although i do love to eat them!).  flowers and birds are fine for some.  i love to smell them(the flowers, not the birds). i even throw bread out for the birdies in my neighbourhood to munch on.

still, i think simple is best. i know i have said it before, and it's true. 

so i am done trying on skirts that don't fit.  and frilly shirts that make me itch.
i test drove the different sites, and found a *car* that i like.  hope you like it too!

thanks for your patience.    :0) 

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