Thursday, October 06, 2011

record keeping and pie

back on september 21st, i wrote about fibre.  i said that i would be back with some results in 2 weeks.  well....2 weeks is a really long time to test out my theory.  i was never any good at keeping a log(just ask my doctor!).  so i have decided that i WILL do this, however, it will be over a 2 DAY span instead.  reason being,  i can definately eat the same thing, and keep  a record for 2 days.  and my schedule for 2 days is easier to keep basically the same.  so because this is our Thanksgiving weekend, and i will probably be eating WAY too many carbs,  i will re-start this theory on monday (i mean i can't be expected to eat turkey and pumpkin pie 2 days in a row can i??).

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